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[Ampleon]2016 Ampleon High Performance RF Product Roadmap
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   Ampleon(Package information and Products roadmap) [20837].pdf (2.6M) [36] DATE : 2016-06-29 15:43:07
Ampleon, a global leader of HPRF solutions, released new product roadmap.
For more information on this, please DO NOT hesitate to contact our(AllianceNP) experienced sales engineers around you.

[Key strengths and assets of Ampleon HPRF]
LDMOS Technology leader throughout generations: Gen 6 to Gen 10 and in GaN
•LDMOS Gen9: best-in-class LDMOS technology
•very high efficiency
•proven consistency
•higher power density (allowing wideband designs)
•combined with a wide range of high performance and low-cost packages
•several derivatives in development to expand the spectrum of applications: lowvoltage for pico-cells, MMIC process for high-frequency ICs, high-voltage for sub1GHz applications
•volume production since 2014
•LDMOS Gen 10: in development and to be released soon
•Over 10 years of leading experience in GaNincluding close co-operations e.gwith UMS/FraunhoferInstitute and volume shipment since several years into the Multi market and MBB products are released.