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[ADI-ROCHESTER] Rochester released Analog Device DSPs
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   ADSP 2100_PROMO Sales Flyer [113770].pdf (1.3M) [3] DATE : 2016-07-13 11:00:53
We have another exciting promotion on the ADI ADSP21xx series signal processors.
Kindly see the flyers and necessary documents as attached.

Supplementing the existing finished inventory (ADI logo) that Analog Devices has previously shipped us, our manufacturing coverage (REI logo) for these widely-used digital signal processors covers various package, speed and temp options for the following part types:
• ADSP-2101
• ADSP-2105
• ADSP-2111
• ADSP-2115
• ADSP-2171
The lead-time for new builds will be approximately 13 weeks and quotes will be issued per normal BTO process
For those of us who arent DSP engineers, the Analog Devices website has some great information!
1. What is a DSP?
2. ADSP-2100 family data sheet